Definition of Lobbying:

  1. The act of attempting to influence business and government leaders to create legislation or conduct an activity that will help a particular organization. People who do lobbying are called lobbyists. See also lobby.

  2. Seek to influence (a legislator) on an issue.

  3. A group of people seeking to influence legislators on a particular issue.

  4. (in the UK) any of several large halls in the Houses of Parliament in which MPs may meet members of the public.

  5. A room providing a space out of which one or more other rooms or corridors lead, typically one near the entrance of a public building.

Synonyms of Lobbying

Pressure group, Interest group, Interest, Movement, Campaign, Crusade, Lobbyists, Supporters, Byzantine intrigues, Allurement, Backscratching, Backstairs influence, Blandishment, Cajolement, Cajolery, Coaxing, Connections, Conning, Deals, Engagement, Enlistment, Exhortation, Games, Hortation, Inducement, Influence peddling, Intrigues, Jawboning, Lobbyism, Logrolling, Persuasion, Ploys, Political influence, Preaching, Preachment, Public opinion, Ropes, Sales talk, Salesmanship, Schemes, Selling, Snow job, Social pressure, Soft soap, Solicitation, Special-interest pressure, Strings, Suasion, Sweet talk, Wheedling, Wire-pulling, Wires, Working on, Seek to influence, Try to persuade, Bring pressure to bear on, Importune, Persuade, Influence, Sway, Entrance hall, Hallway, Hall, Entrance, Vestibule, Foyer, Reception area, Outer room, Waiting room, Anteroom, Antechamber, Porch

How to use Lobbying in a sentence?

  1. Members of the anti-abortion lobby.
  2. The meeting also decided to ban smoking in the Central Hall and lobbies of Parliament in the light of a Supreme Court order against smoking at all public places in the country.
  3. One of the best, but most expensive ways, to earn political support is through lobbying your government officials to encourage them to see your point of view.
  4. They went into the hotel lobby.
  5. The animal rights group is lobbying for a law protecting dogs from a life of abuse at the hands of those who wish to use them in a fighting arena.
  6. The neighborhood association voted in favor of lobbying the local government to lower the price of local trash removal, so as to benefit the associations landlords.
  7. They insist on their right to lobby Congress.

Meaning of Lobbying & Lobbying Definition