What Does Lobby Mean?

  1. Lobby definition is: The term lobby refers to groups of people who come together to try to influence officials and politicians. Typically, lobby groups are formed to influence government officials by the lobby or through appropriate legislation to work in the best interests of the industry or to prevent negative actions. The term is also used as a verb to describe the effect that a group of individuals has on others.

    • The lobby is a group of people who come together to try to impress officials and politicians.
    • The term can also refer to influencing government officials.
    • Lobsters are trained to motivate employees to act in the best interests of the lobby, whether through favorable legislation or preventing negative actions.
    • Lobbyists generally dislike it because they seem capable of ignoring the democratic process.

Meanings of Lobby

  1. Try to influence an issue (political or official).

  2. A room that provides a place where one or more rooms or corridors exit, usually near the entrance to a public building.

  3. A group of people is trying to influence a politician or an authority on a particular issue.

Sentences of Lobby

  1. Advise booksellers to put pressure on their agents

  2. They enter the hotel lobby

  3. Members of the anti-abortion lobby

Synonyms of Lobby

outer room, antechamber, seek to influence, passageway , doorway , try to persuade, crusade, entrance, importune, antechamber , sway, campaign, interest, hallway , lobbyists, porch, corridor , anteroom, hall , foyer , gateway , vestibule