Loan Underwriting

Loan Underwriting,

What Does Loan Underwriting Mean?

Meaning of Loan Underwriting: Analyze the risk and decide if you want to lend to potential buyers based on credit, holdings, assets and other factors.

Literal Meanings of Loan Underwriting


Meanings of Loan:
  1. Loan (cash or goods)

  2. Some loans, especially one that must be repaid with interest.

  3. Streets or narrow roads, especially those leading to open ground.

Sentences of Loan
  1. The theme was a word processor loan for us

  2. Borrowers can apply for a کے 84,000 loan

Synonyms of Loan

allow, credit, advance, give credit, lend


Meanings of Underwriting:
  1. Sign and accept liability (insurance policy) to guarantee payment in case of loss or damage.

  2. Agree with (bank or other financial institution) to buy unsold shares (issue new shares)

  3. Write (something) under someone else, especially another script.

Sentences of Underwriting
  1. The policy, signed by Lloyds, compensates the trustee for damages caused by irregularities.

  2. The purchase order is paid for the issuance of the ordered shares

Synonyms of Underwriting

inscribe, add, put, dash off, write, scribble, pen, pencil, scrawl