How To Define Loan-to-Value?

  1. Loan-to-Value can be defined as, The LTV index is the relationship between the market value of an asset and the size of the loan used to finance it. This is another important metric for lenders who need to know whether the asset will cover the loan payments in case of default and default in their business.

  2. Loan-to-Value means: The relationship between the value of an asset (such as a property) and the amount of debt used to purchase that asset. LTV notifies the lender of any possible damages due to default by selling the asset.

  3. Percentage of the assessed value of the property taken by the bank or lender. An initial repayment of 20% will create a value ratio of 80% of the loan.

Literal Meanings of Loan-to-Value


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Loan-to-Value Definition:

  1. The definition of Loan-to-Value is: The LTV Index is a fair market value index for loans compared to the loan amount you receive. This is another important number for lenders who need to know if the loan is viable and covers loan repayments in case of default or business default.

  2. The relationship between the value of y (as property) and the amount of the loan that will finance the purchase of y. LTV will notify the lender if the total loss due to non-payment can be met by selling y.

  3. A simple definition of Loan-to-Value is: A percentage of the assessed value of the bank or lender's loan property. 20% repayment will result in 80% debt to value ratio.

Literal Meanings of Loan-to-Value


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The loan-to-value ratio is the ratio between the amount of the mortgage and the valuation of the property by the mortgage lender.

For example, if you take out a £55,000 loan on a £100,000 property, the LTV is 55%.

The higher your LTV, the higher the lender's perceived risk.

If you borrow more than 70% of a property's value, mortgage lenders will likely impose mortgage insurance to cover their risks.