Definition of Load:

  1. Place (on vehicles, boats, containers, etc.) or in or inside it or anything of great importance.

  2. The amount of the fee charged for a transaction.

  3. Applications for power generation systems.

  4. Weight, quantity or type of transport.

  5. The amount of energy supplied by a source and the resistance of the moving parts that the engine must control.

  6. Fill (gun) with ammunition.

  7. The standard volume of a product, such as product or sand. In the UK, the load is usually 40 bushels (1.4 cubic meters). In the United States, this is one cubic meter (0.76 cubic meters).

  8. Many (often disliked or disliked something).

  9. Energy consumption of a unit or complete installation.

  10. Heavy or large object is being moved or intended to be moved.

  11. Typical sales fees are registration fees and fund fees. Filled funds can be compared to downloaded mutual funds.

  12. A source of weight or pressure that stops someone or something.

  13. Add extra premium (insurance premium) for low risk.

  14. Fees are sales commissions or commissions received from investors when buying or redeeming shares in a mutual fund. There are several ways to create a sales fee commission. They are determined by the mutual fund company and are received by the mutual fund broker in mutual fund transactions.

  15. The workload is assigned to a person, group, machine or system. In the broadest sense, the load is the expected production volume from the factory.

  16. Carry or keep (someone or something) with large or overly heavy items.

  17. Global power is based on an object or structure.

Synonyms of Load

Take a potshot, Freightage, Lading, Profusion, Burthen, Doctor, Jam-pack, Pile, Convey, Overweighting, Array, Strike, Drag, Snipe, Task, Incumbency, Trainload, Glut, Fill, Oversupply, Lumber, Gorge, Multitude, Goods, Freight, Carry, Cock, Pressure, Weigh upon, Steam up, Go hard with, Shoot, Numerousness, Jam up, Saddle, Get up steam, Choke, Fill up, Store, Pistol, Pocket, Stuff, Slew, Carload, Sea of troubles, Profusion, Saddle, Embarrassment, Pack, Fill up, Tons, Weigh heavy on, Care, Lot, Fill, Deadweight, Great quantity, Consignment, Riddle, Score, Difficulty, Cook, Inconvenience, Stack, Torpedo, Load, Countlessness, Discharge, Heap, Load, Pot, Force, Bear, Bitter draft, Abundance, Encumbrance, Thorn, Squeeze, Fake, Crowd, Freightage, Bale, Pack of troubles, Burden, Lie on, Pelt, Charge, Complement, Satiate, Supercharge, Peck of troubles, Stuff, Arm, Stow, Saddle with, Gun for, Overtaxing, Cankerworm of care, Rest hard upon, Swamp, Albatross, Impediment, Go ill with, Woe, Cram, Retouch, Payload, Heap up, Duty, Crate, Plenitude, Press hard upon, Wealth, Acres, Manipulate, Barrel, Superfluity, Drain, Ceil, Drop, Pick off, Imposition, Bags, Top off, Overwhelm, Bottle, Surfeit, Grievance, Taxing, Much, Pile, Burden, Bitter draught, Cumber, Detonate, Bag, Wads, Quantity, Ram in, Large number, Overweight, Gobs, Baggage, Responsibility, Plenty, Cross, Face, Shoot at, Full measure, Overburden, Fur, Trailerload, Physical force, Spate, Impedimenta, Obligation, Potshot, Shipload, Try one, Heap, Overfill, Tax, Debase, Handicap, Mouthful, Freight, Brim, Fire, Fill, Mass, Bear hard upon, Sack, Pad, Weigh down, Trouble, Bellyful, Snootful, Mountain, Burden of care, Superincumbency, Superabundance, Prepare to use, Let off, Thrust, Potshoot, Oodles, Prime, Curse, Charging, Bitter cup, Can, Overtax, Jam, Rig, Wind up, Loading, Lade, Full house, Blast, Capacity, Gall and wormwood, Saddling, Cram, Wad, Pack, Vanload, Sea, Worry, Bumper, Ship, Sorrow, Weigh, Weigh down, Sophisticate, Warm up, Plant, Copiousness, Haul, Overload, Penalty, Anxiety, Stress, Inlay, Hamper, Shipment, Skinful, Gall, Incubus, Stack, Distress, Fell, Truckload, Cumbrance, Interline, Waters of bitterness, Charge, Gun, Worlds, Weight, Hit, Wind, Full load, Transport, Burdening, Chock, Crush, Barrels, Flood, Volume, Pepper, Millstone, Quantities, Bitter pill, Charge, Oceans, Pack away, Line, Peck, Weigh on, Abundance, Salt, Warhead, Saturate, White elephant, Encumber, Box, Prime, Liability, Crown of thorns, Onus, Oppression, Parcel, Wainscot, Cargo, Flood, Affliction, Disadvantage, Fire off, Multitude, Fill to overflowing, Set, Myriad, Surcharge, Luggage, Tamper with, Oppress, Plug, Bushel, Let fly, Adulterate, Cartload, Burden, World, Ocean, Infliction, Juggle, Shoot down, Prepare to fire, Eject, Congest, Feather, Cargo

How to use Load in a sentence?

  1. They carry their boxes.
  2. The fee is a sales commission paid by mutual fund investors to a broker or agent who sells the funds to them.
  3. Increased pressure in the heart due to high blood pressure
  4. He started carrying a gun.
  5. Sometimes there is a very valuable item in the shipment and you need a company that pays full attention to what is supplied.
  6. Backstage costs occur when investors sell units of their funds. However, these costs can come down to zero over time, after 10 years or more.
  7. There are bags of cruisers on the line.
  8. Dana Nolwood is an increasingly popular option with no cost to both parties and is usually sold by a fund company or one of its partners.
  9. Before I can play with my friends, I have to wait for the load, which can sometimes take up to five minutes.
  10. If the fuse wire is too thin to support the load, it will melt.
  11. If the financial market was efficient, the default risk premium would only apply to the borrower in excess of the borrower's requirement. There will be no free use.
  12. When delivering large loads, it is sometimes more important to make sure that there is no damage beyond speed.
  13. The front loader is made at the time of purchase and therefore may result in a lower price ratio.
  14. In addition to their food, they had to carry a load of up to 40 kilograms.

Meaning of Load & Load Definition

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What Does Load Mean?

Fees are sales fees or commissions that are collected from investors when they buy or trade units of a mutual fund. Sales commissions can be formed in many ways. They are specified by UCI companies and billed by UCI intermediaries in UCI transactions.

  • The fee is a purchase commission paid by the mutual fund investor to the broker or agent who sold the fund to them.
  • An entrance fee is charged at the time of purchase and this may reduce the net cost ratio.
  • You charge a back-end fee when you sell shares of your fund, but over time it can go down to almost zero after 10 years.
  • Non-load funds are an increasingly popular option, with no selling fees at either end and are usually sold directly by the fund company or its partners.

Load definition is: No sales fee is charged when purchasing an annual contract.

Additional costs on insurance premiums to cover risks that will be higher than usual.

Meanings of Load

  1. Large quantities of loads or objects (vehicles, ships, containers, etc.)

  2. When (something or something) lifts or holds a large or excessive amount of heavy objects.

  3. Load with ammunition.

  4. Include additional costs (insurance premium) to reduce the risk.

  5. Intended to transport or transport heavy or heavy objects.

  6. A source of load or pressure that is maintained by something or something.

  7. Lots (often used to express disagreement or dislike of something)

  8. The amount of energy supplied by a source and the resistance of the parts moving through the engine.

Sentences of Load

  1. They take their boxes.

  2. Alien is loaded with grocery bags.

  3. He started loading the gun.

  4. In the case of an efficient capital market, the default risk premium will only focus on the borrower's additional debt, so that there is no free beneficiary.

  5. In addition to their food, they had to carry up to a pound.

  6. High blood pressure increases the pressure on the heart.


What is The Definition of Load?

  • Fees are sales fees or commissions that are collected from investors when they buy or trade units of a mutual fund. Sales commissions can be formed in a number of ways. They are defined by mutuality and are charged by mutual and intermediaries in joint ventures.

    • Fees are sales commissions that ordinary investors pay to brokers or agents who sell them products.
    • An entrance fee is charged at the time of purchase and this may reduce the net cost ratio.
    • Back-end fees are charged when investors sell their latest stock, but these fees may decrease over time after 10 years.
    • Useless nodes are fast becoming an option that has no cost to sell on either end and is often sold directly by another company or its partners.

  • No sales fee or fees are charged when purchasing an annual contract.

  • The definition of Load is: Additional costs will be incurred along with the insurance premium to cover the risks.

Meanings of Load

  1. Heavy or heavy goods are being carried or intended to be carried.

  2. The weight or source of pressure of someone or something.

  3. A lot (often used to express dislike or dislike of something).

  4. The amount of energy supplied by the moving resistance to control the engine.

  5. (Vehicles, ships, containers, etc.) Filled with a large number of objects.

  6. Carrying or storing large or excessive amounts of heavy objects (someone or something).

  7. Include additional costs (insurance premiums) to cover the growing risk factor.

Sentences of Load

  1. In addition to their food, they had to carry up to eight pounds.

  2. He talks about a lot of garbage.

  3. If the fuse wire is too thin to accept the charge, it will melt.

  4. They go to Kallis to load their cheap beer carts.

Synonyms of Load

bundle, stock, boatload, lorryload, batch, containerload, delivery, prepare to fire/use, contents, merchandise, busload


What is The Definition of Load?

Load means, James Chen, CMT, is an experienced trader, investment advisor and global market strategist. He is the author of books on trade and technical business by John Wiley & Sons and has been a visiting researcher at CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Forbes and Reuters, among other financial companies.

  • Fees are sales commissions paid by general investors to brokers or agents who sell them products.
  • An entrance fee is charged at the time of purchase and this may reduce the net cost ratio.
  • Back-end fees are levied when investors sell their last stock, but these costs can drop to z over time, after about 10 years.
  • As more nodes are segregated, there are options that have no sale value at either end and are usually sold directly by another company or one of its partners.

Definition of Load: Sales fee or fees paid at the time of purchase of the annual contract.

Meanings of Load

  1. Anything heavy or heavy that is being transported or intended to be carried.

  2. The source of weight or pressure is placed by someone or something.

  3. The amount of energy supplied from the moving part resistance source to control the engine.

  4. (Vehicles, ships, containers, etc.) is filled with a large quantity of something.

  5. Carrying or placing large or heavy objects (someone or something).

  6. Include additional costs (insurance premiums) to cover the increased risk factor.