Load fund

Load fund,

Definition of Load fund:

  1. Mutual fund (unit trust) that charges a sales commission (load) to cover its administrative and advisory charges. If the sales commission is payable at the time of purchase of shares (units), it is a front-end load, if it is payable at the time of redemption or sale of shares, it is a back-end load. A no-load fund neither charges any such fee nor provides any financial or investment advice.

Meaning of Load fund & Load fund Definition

Load Fund,

Load Fund:

  1. Charging funds are mutual funds that are subject to sale or commission fees. Fund investors pay fees that are used to compensate cell batches, such as brokers, financial planners or investment advisers, for their time and experience in choosing the right funds for the fund. Fees are paid in advance at the time of purchase (interface fee), at the time of sale of the unit (cost of resources) or as long as the investor has the resources (fee fee).

    • The loading fund consists of a quota of investment funds, the sales commission of which is paid by the buyer of the fund.
    • Fees can be paid at the time of purchase (preload) or at the time of sale (recharge) and are usually paid to the broker or agent who sells the funds.
    • How the fee is paid depends on the mutual fund quota class.

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