Load factor

Load factor,

Definition of Load factor:

  1. List the proven capabilities of the machine, workstation or system at the time of availability or commissioning

  2. The relationship between the average value or the actual value of a given value and the maximum possible or permitted value.

  3. In the aviation sector, the occupancy rate is the ratio of sales miles per passenger (or tons of cargo) equal to the available set miles (or tons of cargo).

  4. The relationship between average energy demand (load) and peak demand (peak load) over a period of time.

How to use Load factor in a sentence?

  1. Obviously, medium trains on a particular route are likely to have higher occupancy rates than mid-range trains traveling between the same city pairs.
  2. Turkey may have misused the element of using its national infrastructure, which is why in April 2015, there was a national darkness.
  3. You will need to determine your charge rate to know how to properly pack each shipment.
  4. We need to make sure that the occupancy rate is right and that it gives us a good understanding of what will happen.

Meaning of Load factor & Load factor Definition