Lloyd's Underwriter

Lloyd's Underwriter,

What Does Lloyd's Underwriter Mean?

  • Lloyd's Underwriter can be defined as, Someone who trades in the Lloyds of London through the Lloyds of Lloyds Association or organization.

Literal Meanings of Lloyd's Underwriter


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Sentences of S
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Meanings of Underwriter:
  1. Individuals or legal entities that understand insurance risk.

  2. A person or company that agrees to finance, support or guarantee something.

Sentences of Underwriter
  1. When measuring fire risk, insurers reconsider fire in an abstract and economical way, neutral on paper.

  2. I named my insurance company to the Insurance Commissioner.

  3. He surveyed 896 insurers out of 190 insurance companies to determine which premium factory would cover the material damage caused by the earthquake.

  4. Eventually, as his debt grew, he was forced to sell his bassoon and get a job as an underwriter.

  5. Four scenarios have been developed by insurance companies based on responses from well-known insurers.