Definition of Livery:

  1. Formal transfer (delivery) of the legal possession of a real property.

Synonyms of Livery

Accouterments, Armory, Badge, Badge of office, Badges, Baton, Blazonry, Brassard, Button, Cap and gown, Caparison, Chain, Chain of office, Class ring, Cockade, Collar, Cross, Decoration, Dress, Eagle, Emblems, Ensigns, Fasces, Figurehead, Fleur-de-lis, Furnishings, Getup, Hammer and sickle, Harness, Heraldry, Insignia, Lapel pin, Mace, Mantle, Markings, Medal, Mortarboard, Old school tie, Outfit, Pin, Regalia, Rig, Ring, Rose, School ring, Shamrock, Sigillography, Skull and crossbones, Sphragistics, Staff, Swastika, Tartan, Things, Thistle, Tie, Trappings, Trousseau, Turnout, Uniform, Verge, Wand, Wardrobe

Meaning of Livery & Livery Definition