Live load

Live load,

Definition of Live load:

  1. The weight of people or goods in a building or vehicle.

  2. Weight of everything superimposed on, or temporarily attached to, a structure (people, machinery and equipment, furniture, appliances, etc.) but not that of the material utilized in its construction or of anything permanently attached to it.

How to use Live load in a sentence?

  1. You need to make sure that everything in your factory can handle the live load that you put it through.
  2. It was a live load and we had to get going, or we would not be able to get out in time for lunch and today was pizza day.
  3. You must make sure that any machinery you have can fully take on any live load that you ask it to.
  4. When forms are removed, supporting forms and shores must not be removed from walls (or other structural units) until concrete is strong enough to carry its own weight and any other superimposed dead or live loads.

Meaning of Live load & Live load Definition