Definition of Litter:

  1. Provide (a horse or other animal) with litter as bedding.

  2. Absorbent material, typically in granular form, used to line a shallow receptacle in which a cat can urinate and defecate when indoors.

  3. Straw or other plant matter used as bedding for animals.

  4. A vehicle containing a bed or seat enclosed by curtains and carried on mens shoulders or by animals.

  5. The group of young animals born to an animal at one time.

  6. Carelessly discarded solid waste which may not be collectible through a waste handling system.

  7. Make (a place) untidy with rubbish or a large number of objects left lying about.

  8. Trash, such as paper, cans, and bottles, that is left lying in an open or public place.

Synonyms of Litter

Air mattress, Arsy-varsiness, Be confined, Bear, Bear a child, Bear young, Bed, Bed down, Bedding, Bedstead, Bier, Bolster, Brancard, Break, Bridle, Brood, Brush, Bunk, Cacolet, Calve, Camel litter, Cast, Clamjamfry, Clutch, Clutter, Collateral, Couch, Curry, Currycomb, Cushion, Dandy, Debris, Derange, Disarrange, Disarray, Dishevel, Dislocate, Disorder, Disorganize, Dolly, Doolie, Doss, Drench, Drop, Dust, Farrago, Farrow, Fawn, Feed, Foal, Fodder, Fragments, Fry, Garbage, Gentle, Get, Give birth, Gocart, Groom, Gurney, Handbarrow, Handle, Harness, Hash, Hatch, Have, Have a baby, Have young, Helter-skelter, Higgledy-piggledy, Hitch, Hodgepodge, Hysteron proteron, Innerspring mattress, Issue, Jampan, Jumble, Jungle, Junk, Kelter, Kip, Kitten, Labor, Lamb, Lie in, Lumber, Manage, Mat, Mattress, Mess, Mess up, Milk, Misarrange, Mishmash, Muddle, Muss, Muss up, Nest, Odds and ends, Offal, Offspring, Pad, Pallet, Pillow, Pup, Raff, Refuse, Riffraff, Rub down, Rubbish, Rubble, Ruffle, Rug, Rummage, Rumple, Saddle, Scatter, Scramble, Scrap, Sedan, Sedan chair, Shoddy, Sleeping bag, Sofa, Spat, Spawn, Springs, Stretcher, Strew, Tame, Tend, The hay, The sack, Throw, Topsy-turviness, Topsy-turvydom, Tousle, Train, Trash, Travail, Truck, Tumble, Turmoil, Underbed, Underbedding, Unholy mess, Waste, Water, Welter, Whelp, Yean, Yoke, Young, Animal bedding, Bedding, Straw, Floor covering, Make untidy, Mess up, Make a mess of, Clutter up, Throw into disorder, Be strewn about, Be scattered about, Be jumbled, Be disarranged, Sedan chair, Palanquin, Rubbish, Refuse, Junk, Waste, Debris, Odds and ends, Scraps, Leavings, Fragments, Detritus, Flotsam, Discarded matter, Dross, Muck, Brood, Family

How to use Litter in a sentence?

  1. A plastic litter tray.
  2. Clothes and newspapers littered the floor.
  3. A litter of five kittens.
  4. He was carried about on a litter and coached soccer.
  5. The plant burns discarded litter from poultry farms.
  6. Fines for dropping litter.

Meaning of Litter & Litter Definition