Definition of Litigant:

  1. Involved in a lawsuit.

  2. Party to a lawsuit, whether a person or organization.

  3. A person involved in a lawsuit.

Synonyms of Litigant

Litigator, Opponent in law, Opponent, Contestant, Contender, Disputant, Plaintiff, Claimant, Complainant, Petitioner, Appellant, Respondent, Party, Interest, Defendant, Accused, Accessory, Accused, Actionable, Appellant, Appellee, Bitter-ender, Brawler, Causidical, Defendant, Diehard, Disputant, Dissentient, Dissident, Intransigent, Irreconcilable, Last-ditcher, Litigable, Litigationist, Litigator, Litigatory, Litigious, Naysayer, Negativist, Noncooperator, Objector, Obstructionist, Obstructive, Opposer, Oppositionist, Panel, Parties litigant, Party, Petitioner, Plaintiff, Protester, Quarreler, Resister, Scrapper, Suitor, Witness, Wrangler

How to use Litigant in a sentence?

  1. So judges and magistrates are not subject to litigation from disgruntled litigants.

Meaning of Litigant & Litigant Definition