Definition of Litigant:

  1. Involved in a lawsuit.

  2. Party to a lawsuit, whether a person or organization.

  3. A person involved in a lawsuit.

Synonyms of Litigant

Litigator, Opponent in law, Opponent, Contestant, Contender, Disputant, Plaintiff, Claimant, Complainant, Petitioner, Appellant, Respondent, Party, Interest, Defendant, Accused, Accessory, Accused, Actionable, Appellant, Appellee, Bitter-ender, Brawler, Causidical, Defendant, Diehard, Disputant, Dissentient, Dissident, Intransigent, Irreconcilable, Last-ditcher, Litigable, Litigationist, Litigator, Litigatory, Litigious, Naysayer, Negativist, Noncooperator, Objector, Obstructionist, Obstructive, Opposer, Oppositionist, Panel, Parties litigant, Party, Petitioner, Plaintiff, Protester, Quarreler, Resister, Scrapper, Suitor, Witness, Wrangler

How to use Litigant in a sentence?

  1. So judges and magistrates are not subject to litigation from disgruntled litigants.

Meaning of Litigant & Litigant Definition


What is The Definition of Litigant?

  1. Litigant means, Any person or party involved in legal proceedings or litigation.

  2. Part of the process is related to disputes, disputes or lawsuits.

Meanings of Litigant

  1. A person involved in a legal dispute.

Sentences of Litigant

  1. Therefore, judges and judges are not subjected to legal disputes through offensive litigation.


Litigant Definition:

A person or party is involved in legal proceedings or litigation.

Part of the process Disputes are related to lawsuits, disputes or lawsuits.