What is Listed?

  1. Prices are listed and traded on some stock exchanges. Most exchanges have specific requirements that companies must meet to stay on the list.

Meanings of Listed

  1. Recognized for listing on the stock exchange.

  2. Represented in the phone book.

Sentences of Listed

  1. Registered titles

  2. Operators receive telephone requests for directory information about registered users.

Synonyms of Listed

recorded , indexed , catalogued

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  1. Prices are listed and traded on some stock exchanges. Most exchanges have specific requirements that companies must meet in order to stay on the list.

Meanings of Listed

  1. (A building in England) is officially of architectural or historical importance and is protected from destruction or major alterations.

  2. With or for a company whose shares are listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange.

  3. Transferred to military service

  4. Tilted to one side, usually due to leakage or unbalanced loading.

Sentences of Listed

  1. 15th century registered building.

  2. I signed up for a soldier.

  3. The boat is badly registered.

  4. Let them think about what they have recorded.

Synonyms of Listed

bank, lean, tip, chronicle, group, recite, rank, sort, keel over, toss, slope, be at an angle, tabulate, alphabetize, roll, careen, incline, pitch, write down, register, inventory, classify, heel over, tilt, note down


What is The Meaning of Listed?

Will Canton specializes in investment and business legislation and regulation. Prior to that, he was a senior author at Investopedia and Kapitall Wire, and earned an MA and PhD in Economics from the New School for Social Research. Doctor of Philosophy of English Literature from NYU.

  • Listing is a term used to describe a company that is listed on a particular stock exchange in order to trade its shares.
  • Companies must meet certain requirements and follow the specific exchange rules where they are listed.
  • Companies prefer to be listed on major stock exchanges such as the NYSE and Nasdaq because they provide the most liquidity and visibility for the company's shares.

Meanings of Listed

  1. (A building in England) has been formally designated as an architectural or historical interest and has been protected from demolition or major alterations.

  2. In connection with a company, or its position, whose shares are listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange.

  3. Late (of the ship), usually due to leakage or unbalanced load.

Synonyms of Listed

lean over, set down, cant, schedule, minute, enumerate, file, make a list of, arrange, enter, categorize, itemize, slant