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Listed Option: What is the Meaning of Listed Option?

  1. Definition of Listed Option: There is a kind of security for those who acquire public trade options or public trade options that are traded on public exchange. A listed option gives the holder this right, but not his obligation, to buy and sell a certain amount of the underlying asset at a certain price on a certain date. Unlike OTC (maximum counter) options, they have strike price, maturity date, settlement and standard clearing.

    • Listed options are derivative securities that are traded on a listed exchange with standard strike prices, maturity dates, settlement and clearance.
    • There are two options: American style and European style.
    • The listed options, both input and call options, allow traders to speculate about the direction of movement of basic security with a high level of confidence.

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Meanings of Listed:
  1. Approved for public acceptance

  2. Represented in the phone book.

Sentences of Listed
  1. Entered titles

  2. The operator receives requests for directory information about registered parties over the phone.


Meanings of Option:
  1. Anything that can be selected.

  2. Aggressive game in which the ball carrier has the option of running late, passing, passing or playing.

Sentences of Option
  1. When you read this, your second script will be activated

Synonyms of Option

course of action, choice, recourse, possibility, alternative