Listed Building

Listed Building,

Listed Building Definition:

  1. A building is classified if it has any special architectural or historical significance of national interest and therefore needs to be protected.

Literal Meanings of Listed Building


Meanings of Listed:
  1. Acknowledge listing on the stock exchange.

  2. Represented in the phone book.

Sentences of Listed
  1. Entered titles

  2. The operator receives a telephone request for directory information about one of the registered parties.


Meanings of Building:
  1. A structure with a roof and walls, ie a home, school, shop or factory.

  2. The process or business of making something.

Sentences of Building
  1. In my opinion, it is wrong and wrong to call these two buildings home.

  2. Road construction

Synonyms of Building

production, fabrication, construction, assembly, putting up, erection, raising, pile, establishment, edifice, structure