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List price,

Definition of List price:

  1. The listing agreement is a legal contract between the property owner and the real estate broker. The type of listing agreement determines the nature of the relationship between the two and what is required of the real estate broker. The listing agreement will also lay out both how the property is advertised and the compensation for the real estate broker. One of the issues addressed in the listing contract is the list price.

  2. Manufacturers, distributors, or retailers quoted, published, or displayed price on which quantity, seasonal, or other discounts are computed. Also called manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP).

  3. The price of an article as shown in a list issued by the manufacturer or by the general body of manufacturers of the particular class of goods.

  4. The list price, in the real estate world, is the suggested gross sale price of real estate property when it is put on the market.

Synonyms of List price

Asking price, Bargain price, Bid, Bid price, Cash price, Controlled price, Current price, Current quotation, Cut price, Fixed price, Flat rate, Going price, Market price, Neat price, Net, Package price, Piece price, Price list, Prices current, Quotation, Quoted price, Recommended price, Selling price, Stock market quotations, Trade price, Unit price, Wholesale price

How to use List price in a sentence?

  1. I wanted to know what the list price of the item was because it would determine how much I would spend that day.
  2. What I love most about Acme Guitars, is if you cant negotiate them down from the list price on their sunburst Fenders, you can at least get a case and strap thrown in for free.
  3. Smith argues that one indicator of the health of the UK housing market is to compare the average house price with the list price of a typical new family car.
  4. You should always go into any negotiation hoping that you can talk your way into something better than the list price .

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