Definition of Liquidation:

  1. Sell ​​free (unclaimed) assets to the company, convert them into cash and pay off the company's unsecured creditors. (Secured lenders, when they receive a law enforcement order, have control over the relevant assets as collateral.) The remaining amount is distributed among the shareholders in proportion to their interests. The liquidation procedure is initiated by the shareholders (voluntary liquidation) or by the lenders with professional approval (judicial liquidation).

  2. The liquidation process of the company.

  3. Killing someone, usually through violence.

Synonyms of Liquidation

Interest payment, Elimination, Silencing, Going under, Ousting, Strangulation, Overthrow, Negation, Liquidation, Disbarment, Extinguishment, Disposal, Disbarring, Weekly payments, Remittance, Deposition, Defrocking, Installment, Bloody murder, Thuggee, Detachment, Murder, Martyrdom, Nullification, Prepayment, Retirement, Sinking-fund payment, Withdrawal, Dethronement, Eradication, Scalping, Overthrowal, Extermination, Deposal, Putting to death, Choking off, Abolishment, Buying in, Debt service, Satisfaction, Shutting down, Elimination, Abolition, Pensioning off, Quittance, Hire purchase, Unseating, Cash payment, Manslaughter, Speculation, Snuffing out, Earnest, Cash, Hire purchase plan, Down payment, Monthly payments, Round trade, Purging, Collapse, Displacement, Outlawry, Extinction, Regular payments, Stifling, Taking of life, Riddance, Disposition, Payoff, Deportation, Never-never, Arbitrage, Firing, Doling out, Close-down, Execution, Paying off, Earnest money, Plunge, Forced resignation, Crash, Homicide, Kicking upstairs, Uprooting, Foul play, Discrownment, Liquidation, Exile, Choking, Binder, Suspension, Disenthronement, Expatriation, Stockjobbery, Impeachment, Turn, Acquittance, Homicide, Spot cash, Flier, Equity capital, Dismissal, Expulsion, Disjunction, Quarterly payments, Discharge, Venture, Thuggery, Dispatch, Excommunication, Acquittal, Paying up, Ejection, Assassination, Deprivation, Extirpation, Venture capital, Amortizement, Suppression, Paying out, Deposit, Settlement, Winding up, Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Doing to death, Thuggism, Purge, Deconsecration, Defrayal, Unfrocking, Annihilation, Disbursal, Discard, Severance, Voiding, Annulment, Defrayment, Superannuation, Termination, Spot sale, Removal, Unchurching, Stockjobbing, Paying, Amortization, Acquitment, Payment in kind, Payment, Suffocation, Cashiering, Agiotage, Bumping-off, Closure, Clearance, Flutter, Installment plan, Rooting out, Outlawing, Profit taking, Manslaughter, Ostracism, Murder, Deracination, Closing, Assassination

How to use Liquidation in a sentence?

  1. Over the past few months, as an operating company, Video Rental has had to resort to massive inventory emissions to meet the maximum amount of its existing debts before closing its doors forever. ۔
  2. If you have the opportunity to start a new business, but you do not have that much money, you will need to resolve it quickly.
  3. The company was disbanded.
  4. Over the past few months, as an operating business, Video Rent has had to resort to massive stock clearance to cover the maximum amount of its existing debts before closing its doors forever.

Meaning of Liquidation & Liquidation Definition


What is The Definition of Liquidation?

With the financial settlement, the company is dissolved and its assets are distributed to the applicants. This is an incident that usually happens when a company goes bankrupt, which means that when it matures, it cannot fulfill its responsibilities. At the end of the company's operations, the remaining assets will be used to repay to creditors and shareholders, according to their credit preference. Personally responsible partners are subject to liquidation.

  • The terms financial and economic settlement refer to the process of closing a business and distributing its assets to applicants.
  • Bankruptcy companies will disappear once the process of liquidation is over.
  • The settlement may also refer to the sale of inventory, usually at a higher discount.

Definition of Liquidation: This allows the State Insurance Department, as a liquidator or designated agent, to manage the insurance company by selling its assets and settling claims on those assets. Upon receipt of the liquidation order, the liquidator informs other State Insurance Departments and the State Guarantee Fund of the liquidation procedure. The resignation of these insurers is not subject to the Federal Bankruptcy Code, but to the individual laws of individuality of the state.

The process of closing a business by repaying a loan and distributing the remaining amount.

Liquidation process of a bankrupt company. An appointed director will do this by closing the contract, selling the assets and making payments to the lenders and shareholders.

Sentences of Liquidation

  1. Liquid company


What is Liquidation?

Liquidation means, The process of closing a company by selling its assets in cash.

Suppress a company by dividing its assets among appropriate parties and reducing its debts.

A company involved in liquidation is a company in the process of liquidation or liquidation and its assets, if any, are distributed to the shareholders after the repayment of the loan.