The definition of Liquidate is: Settlement means the conversion of an asset into cash or cash equivalents through an open market sale. Liquidation is also a term used in bankruptcy proceedings in which a company chooses a process, legal agreement or is forced to convert assets into liquid form (cash).

  • Verification means selling assets for cash.
  • Investors can adjust their investment for a number of reasons, such as: the need for cash, a weak desire to exit the investment, or even the convenience of departments.
  • In addition to voluntary liquidation as part of bankruptcy proceedings, individuals and companies may be forced to liquidate their assets.

Sell ​​all company assets quickly and convert them into cash.

Close asset deals to pay off debts.

Meanings of Liquidate

  1. Close business (any company or business) by reviewing liabilities and assigning assets.

  2. Finish, usually by force, kill.

Sentences of Liquidate

  1. If the contract expires, sufficient funds will be released to repay the loan

Synonyms of Liquidate

terminate, close down, massacre, disband, kill, send to the gas chambers, cut down, exterminate, cut to pieces, wipe out, execute, put to the sword, murder, dissolve, kill off, wind up, put to death, break up, eliminate, butcher, put into liquidation, destroy, decimate, liquidate, mow down