Liquid Assets

Liquid Assets,

Definition of Liquid Assets:

A simple definition of Liquid Assets is: Cash, equivalents and exchange securities.

Literal Meanings of Liquid Assets


Meanings of Liquid:
  1. A substance that flows freely but has a constant volume, its consistency is like water or oil.

  2. The consonant created by a flow of air flowing around the tongue and can be extended like a head (usually labir)

  3. It has consistency like water or oil. H flows freely but in a constant volume.

  4. (Sound) Clear, pure and harmonious.

  5. (Assets) that can be held or easily converted into cash.

  6. (In the tongue, usually from the lyre) is formed by the flow of air flowing around the tongue, possibly spreading like a head.

Sentences of Liquid
  1. Drink lots of fluids

  2. Liquid fertilizer

  3. The melodious birds sing

  4. All highly liquid are short-term assets that can be easily converted into cash and used as currency.

Synonyms of Liquid

negotiable, flowing, disposable, usable, obtainable, convertible, smooth, realizable, fluent, running, spendable, pure, fluid, clarion, distinct, clear


Meanings of Assets:
  1. A useful or valuable thing or person.

Sentences of Assets
  1. Immediate reflexes are your main strength

Synonyms of Assets

talent, merit, boon, blessing, attractive feature, long suit, aid, resource, help, recommendation, forte, strong point, attraction, selling point, advantage, good point, value, strong suit, bonus, virtue