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Link Exchange,

Link Exchange: What is the Meaning of Link Exchange?

  • Link Exchange means, The process of exchanging links with other sites. You link to another site on your site, usually on a link page, and in return, that other site returns a link to your site.

Literal Meanings of Link Exchange


Meanings of Link:
  1. The relationship between two things or situations, especially when it affects each other.

  2. A ring or loop on a chain.

  3. Build, shape, or suggest a relationship with or between.

  4. Field lanterns and trailers to illuminate dark streets.

Sentences of Link
  1. Investigating the relationship between environmental pollution and deforestation

  2. Steel Link China

  3. Rumors of her being linked to Judith

Synonyms of Link

connection, relationship, relatedness, association, linkage, tie-up, loop, ring, connective, connector, coupling, joint, knot, associate, connect, relate, join, bracket, draw a connection between, marry, wed


Meanings of Exchange:
  1. The act of giving and receiving in return to another person (especially of the same type or price).

Sentences of Exchange
  1. Ultimately, negotiations led to an exchange of land for peace.

Synonyms of Exchange

interchange, trade, trading, trade-off, swapping, barter, giving and taking, traffic, trafficking, bandying, reciprocity, swap, switch, change