Definition of Liner:

  1. Material placed between two other materials to serve as a barrier, gasket, or seal.

  2. Cargo and/or passenger carrying shipping line operating a scheduled service between fixed points (ports) on a trade route.

  3. Another term for line drive.

  4. A large luxurious passenger ship of a type formerly used on a regular line.

  5. A fine paintbrush used for painting thin lines and for outlining.

Synonyms of Liner

Ship, Ocean liner, Passenger vessel, Boat, Bush, Bushing, Doubling, Doublure, Facing, Filler, Filling, Floating hotel, Floating palace, Inlay, Inlayer, Insole, Interlineation, Lining, Ocean greyhound, Ocean liner, Packing, Padding, Passenger steamer, Stuffing, Wadding, Wainscot

How to use Liner in a sentence?

  1. Although it was an ocean liner, the ship also had a cargo of ammunition.

Meaning of Liner & Liner Definition