Definition of Lineal:

  1. Pertaining to a direct line of succession, descending from or relating to the same ancestor. Not to be confused with linear.

Synonyms of Lineal

After, Arrowlike, Attendant, Cadet, Catenary, Clannish, Consecutive, Dead straight, Diphyletic, Direct, Ensuing, Ethnic, Even, Family, Flat, Following, Genealogical, Genetic, Gentile, Gentilic, Horizontal, In a line, Junior, Later, Level, Linear, National, Ordinal, Phyletic, Phylogenetic, Posterior, Progressive, Puisne, Racial, Rectilineal, Rectilinear, Right, Ruler-straight, Sequent, Sequential, Serial, Seriate, Smooth, Straight, Straight-cut, Straight-front, Straight-side, Streamlined, Subsequent, Succeeding, Successional, Successive, Totemic, Tribal, True, Unbending, Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken, Uncurved, Undeflected, Undeviating, Undistorted, Uninterrupted, Unswerving, Unturned, Upright, Vertical, Younger

Meaning of Lineal & Lineal Definition