Line manager

Line manager,

Definition of Line manager:

  1. A person with direct managerial responsibility for a particular employee.

  2. A manager who heads a revenue-generating department and is responsible for achieving an organizations main objectives by executing functions such as policy making, target setting, decision making.

Synonyms of Line manager

Executive, Head of department, Line manager, Supervisor, Principal, Administrator, Head, Boss, Director, Managing director, Employer, Superintendent, Foreman, Forewoman, Overseer

How to use Line manager in a sentence?

  1. Having an effective line manager with a positive attitude can really positively shape a business structure if it keeps the employees engaged.
  2. Their luxury car line was one of the companys most profitable and, as line manager of that division, Theo found himself tasked with a great deal of responsibility.
  3. I always think the line manager should take direct responsibility for keeping an individual officer informed about the progress.
  4. Cindy was recently promoted to line manager granting her overall responsibility for the widget department and reporting directly to the VP of Operations.

Meaning of Line manager & Line manager Definition