Line art

Line art,

Definition of Line art:

  1. Usually single-color drawing (such as one made with a pen or pencil) with little or no solid areas, and no shading effect other than cross-hatching. Line art, unlike a painting or photograph, can be printed without conversion to a halftone image. Also called line copy or line drawing.

How to use Line art in a sentence?

  1. You may want to try to use some line art in your marketing strategy if you think it will bring in new customers.
  2. Line art has myriad uses in business, lending itself equally well to technical schematics and architectural blueprints, allowing large amounts of information to be easily disseminated.
  3. I was really impressed with the line art and I thought that he had a real talent that would take him very far in life.

Meaning of Line art & Line art Definition