Definition of Limits:

  1. A point or value which a sequence, function, or sum of a series can be made to approach progressively, until they are as close to it as desired.

  2. A point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass.

  3. Set or serve as a limit to.

  4. A restriction on the size or amount of something permissible or possible.

  5. The maximum benefit that will be paid out as a result of a loss. This term can also refer to the age at which an insurer will not issue a policy or will no longer continue a policy.

Synonyms of Limits

Restrict, Curb, Check, Place a limit on, Cap, Keep within bounds, Hold in check, Restrain, Put a brake on, Hold, Freeze, Peg, Maximum, Ceiling, Limitation, Upper limit

How to use Limits in a sentence?

  1. In fact, the sequence converges to a limit whose value is 2.7182818.
  2. The failure showed the limits of British power.
  3. Try to limit the amount you drink.
  4. An age limit.

Meaning of Limits & Limits Definition


LIMITS means,

  1. The maximum sum insured that can be paid for a claim.

  2. The coverage limit specifies the maximum amount of insurance that the insurer will pay for the damages caused by a particular coverage. Specific restrictions apply to individual people or events, or groups of items or items.

Meanings of LIMITS

  1. Set a limit or serve it.

  2. A point or plane where nothing spreads, can neither expand nor cross.

  3. Restrictions of any size or quantity are allowed or possible.

  4. A point or value that a series, sequence, or function or combination of strings can slowly reach until it is as close as possible.

Sentences of LIMITS

  1. Failure to show the limits of British power

  2. In fact, the setting changes to a range, which is priced at 2.7182818.

Synonyms of LIMITS

farthest reach , limitation , rim , extremity , the most , brink , margin , farthest point , end point , tops , end , maximum , check , obstruction , goal , fence , edge , circumscription , finality , ceiling , bourne , bitter end , absolute , destination , cutoff point , deadline , far out , the max


LIMITS Meanings:

  • Definition of LIMITS: The maximum value that can be deduced from a guideline.

Synonyms of LIMITS

curb , bottom line , bound , confinement , ultimate , termination , conclusion , confines , cap , utmost , brim , verge , restriction , border , restraint , breaking point