Definition of Limited:

  1. Term used at the end of a company name, in order to indicate that it is a limited company. Abbreviated Ltd.

  2. Restricted in size, amount, or extent; few, small, or short.

  3. More generally, bounded or restricted to a certain range or amount. The client demanded a reasonable fee, but our budget was limited so much that we werent able to agree to his proposal..

Synonyms of Limited

Amtrak, Lenten, Spartan, Abstemious, Angustifoliate, Angustirostrate, Angustisellate, Angustiseptal, Ascetic, Austere, Authoritative, Baggage train, Borne, Bound, Bounded, Boxed in, Cable railroad, Chastened, Choo-choo, Circumscribed, Close, Close-fitting, Cog railroad, Cog railway, Conditioned, Confined, Constrained, Constricted, Controlled, Copyrighted, Cramp, Cramped, Crowded, Determinate, Dinky, Disciplined, Dwarfed, Dwarfish, El, Electric, Electric train, Elevated, Exiguous, Expert, Express, Express train, Feature, Featured, Finite, Fixed, Flier, Freight, Freight train, Freighter, Frugal, Funicular, Geographically limited, Goods train, Half-pint, Hedged, Hedged about, Hedged in, Hemmed in, Hushed, Icebound, Impoverished, In control, In hand, Incapacious, Incommodious, Ineffectual, Insular, Interurban, Isthmian, Isthmic, Jejune, Knee-high, Knowledgeable, Landlocked, Lean, Leavened, Lightning express, Little, Local, Localized, Meager, Mean, Metro, Milk train, Minimal, Miserly, Mitigated, Moderated, Modified, Modulated, Monorail, Narrow, Near, Niggardly, Of a place, One-horse, Paltry, Parliamentary, Parliamentary train, Parochial, Parsimonious, Passenger train, Patented, Petite, Piddling, Pindling, Pint-sized, Poky, Poor, Precise, Predetermined, Prescribed, Proscribed, Provincial, Puny, Qualified, Quelled, Rack-and-pinion railroad, Railroad train, Rattler, Reduced, Reserved, Restrained, Restricted, Restrictive, Rolling stock, Scant, Scanty, Scrawny, Scrimp, Scrimpy, Seasoned, Set, Short, Shuttle, Shuttle train, Skimp, Skimpy, Slender, Slight, Slim, Small, Smallish, Snowbound, Softened, Spare, Sparing, Special, Specialist, Specialistic, Specialized, Stable, Starvation, Stingy, Stinted, Strait, Straitened, Streamliner, Stunted, Subdued, Subsistence, Subway, Technical, Tempered, Thin, Tight, Topical, Train, Tube, Two-by-four, Underground, Unnourishing, Unnutritious, Vernacular, Watered, Watery, Way train, Windbound, Restricted, Finite, Bounded, Little, Narrow, Tight, Lean, Slight, Slender, In short supply, Short

How to use Limited in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes when dealing with a limited resource you must contact many different suppliers before you can find what you need.
  2. There was a limited number of goods remaining in the store, so we had to hurry up and get what we wanted.
  3. We decided to add the word limited to the name of our company. We thought this would only positively impact our image.
  4. A limited number of places are available.

Meaning of Limited & Limited Definition

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