Limited Severability Provision

Limited Severability Provision,

Limited Severability Provision Definition:

  1. The application for directors and liability insurance (D&O) officers contains a provision that there is information about the insured person who is not the signatory of the proposal or certain officers (usually the CEO, operations manager and chief). Financial Officer) No compensation is charged to other policyholders. In case of loss, for example, if the insured person finds out that the coverage application contains incorrect financial information, this knowledge, which usually prevents coverage in case of a claim, can be passed on to another insured person. Not attributed to those who do not know that financial statements are incorrect. As a result, the so-called innocent insured are protected by the policy. However, if the applicant or any of the three senior executives finds out about the incorrect data, their knowledge will reach the innocent insurers and even the innocent insured will be prevented from insuring. For policyholders, a limited separation clause is far less useful than a complete separation clause. However, only a small portion of the insurance company's application forms contain separate clauses.

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