Limited Partnership Unit (LPU)

Limited Partnership Unit (LPU),

What is Limited Partnership Unit (LPU)?

A Limited Partnership Unit or LPU is a unit owned by a Registered Principal Limited Partnership (MLP). This fund contributes to the participants' total income from the partnership. Limited partnership is also called limited partnership or limited partnership.

  • Limited Partnership or LPU Unit Registered Limited Partnership or Parents Limited Partnership (MLP).
  • The LPU is not subject to double taxation and is considered an intermediary by the IRS.
  • LPU liability is limited to the initial investment amount of the investor.

Literal Meanings of Limited Partnership Unit (LPU)


Meanings of Limited:
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  1. A limited number of places

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Meanings of Partnership:
  1. As a partner.

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  1. We must continue to work in partnership


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