Limited Losses

Limited Losses,

What is Limited Losses?

The amount of damages for which the amount of individual claims is limited to a certain amount, e.g. B $ 500,000. Sometimes, losses are limited when analyzing losses or predicting future losses to mitigate the effects of low-frequency catastrophic events in the analysis.

Literal Meanings of Limited Losses


Meanings of Limited:
  1. Small, small or small, limited in size, quantity or coverage.

Sentences of Limited
  1. Many places are available

Synonyms of Limited

restricted, finite, bounded, little, narrow, tight, lean, slight, slender, in short supply, short


Meanings of Losses:
  1. The fact or action of losing someone else.

Sentences of Losses
  1. Don't waste your time

Synonyms of Losses

mislaying, misplacement, dropping, forgetting, overlooking