Limited liability partnership (LLP)

Limited liability partnership (LLP),

Definition of Limited liability partnership (LLP):

  1. US partnership in which no partner is liable for the negligent acts of any or all other partners or those of employee(s) not under his or her command.

Meaning of Limited liability partnership (LLP) & Limited liability partnership (LLP) Definition

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP),

How Do You Define Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)?

SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE, which can go to LIALIDAD LIMITADA with all its partners through registration with competent state institutions. LLP laws vary widely from state to state.

Literal Meanings of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)


Meanings of Limited:
  1. Limited Liability Company Name (used after Company Name).

Sentences of Limited
  1. Times Limited Newspaper.

Synonyms of Limited

control, freeze, keep within bounds, put a brake on, insufficient, insubstantial, meagre, small, ration, damp (down), miserly, delimit, little, tight, govern, slender, scanty, lean, minimal, place a limit on, restrict, inhibit, finite, restricted


Meanings of Liability:
  1. Anything or anything whose presence or behavior harms someone.

Sentences of Liability
  1. As soon as you contact the card protection system, you will no longer be liable for damages.

  2. He said that the party has become an obstacle in green politics.

Synonyms of Liability

nuisance, answerability, the rap, weak spot/point, cross to bear, encumbrance, Achilles heel, minus, guilt, legal responsibility, weakness, disbenefit, millstone round one's neck, drag, disadvantage, hindrance, obstacle, blameworthiness, incrimination, stumbling block, onus, cumber, cross, drawback, fly in the ointment, problem


Meanings of Partnership:
  1. Companion or companion status

Synonyms of Partnership

alliance, coalition, fellowship, consociation, association, league, co-partnership, collaboration, cooperation, relationship, connection, union, affiliation, confederation, compact