How To Define Limitations?

The maximum amount of money set by health insurance for a specific service.

During the insurance period, the insurance company will pay the maximum amount payable for the claim. This amount usually refers to the insurance policy.

If the loss is longer than the insurance period and the policyholder does not have additional insurance, he is liable for the maximum loss.

Limitations definition is: According to the insurance certificate, maximum benefits are paid for certain expenses.

Meanings of Limitations

  1. Rules or conditions that limit restrictions.

  2. A statutory period during which a claim can be dismissed or property rights no longer exist.

Sentences of Limitations

  1. Strict restrictions on water use

  2. This is an exception, as the basic law of limits is enforced without a court order.

Synonyms of Limitations

block , stint , curb, injunction , check , restriction, impediment , circumspection , check, cramp , modification , obstruction , qualification , reservation , clampdown, control , bar , restraint, taboo , definition , stricture , snag , drawback , constraint, restriction , inhibition , control, constraint , condition , curb

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Limitations Meanings:

  • The term is used for any mother who collects some health insurance benefits.

  • The limit is the amount the insurer pays for the claim. This amount is usually stated on the insurance policy.

    If the loss exceeds the policy limit and the insured does not have additional insurance, he is liable for the additional loss.

  • Upper limit of benefits to be paid for some of the covered expenses shown in the insurance certificate.

Meanings of Limitations

  1. Laws or circumstances limit restrictions.

  2. The legal period during which proceedings can be terminated or property rights cease to exist.

Synonyms of Limitations

rein, barrier, hindrance, obstacle, deterrent, damper, brake


What is Limitations?

  • All mothers are compensated for some of the services of the health insurance company.

Meanings of Limitations

  1. Legally set period after which a claim can be rejected or property rights no longer exist.