Lilac Vs Lavender

Lilac Vs Lavender

Are lavender and lavender the same? And if not, what is the difference?

They are different types of plants. The common lavender (Lavandula_angustifolia) belongs to the mint family, while the common lilac (tunnel east) belongs to the olive family. Lavender is light purple and lilac is deep purple, both of which are used as fragrances.

Lilac vs. Lavender

They are two different fragrances from two different plants. To me, lilac smells sweeter than lavender. To me, lavender has a slightly spicy smell. Lavender is a purple herb that is a small shrub (or sometimes g).

Lilac is one type of flower and lavender is another. Although both are purple, they both smell different.

No, two different plants ... Lilac grows in a big tree / bush ... It smells very different, it smells like spring ...

Lavender is a strong fragrance but more delicate ... it grows on flowering shrubs ... small plants ... established plants have many purple flowers ...

Lilac Vs Lavender