Definition of Likelihood:

  1. Possibility of an event or situation. An informal way of discussing probability is that something will happen without a specific reference to numerical probability. Probability is commonly used to describe events that are likely to occur, but are uncertain or may be influenced by factors that have not been observed or measured.

  2. The state or the fact that something can happen.

Synonyms of Likelihood

Thinkability, Remote possibility, Likeliness, What might be, Eventuality, Favorable prospect, Presumptive evidence, Chance, Possibility, Aptitude, Thinkableness, Outlook, Main chance, Good possibility, Sporting chance, Contingency, The possible, Reasonable ground, Conceivableness, Obligation, Verisimilitude, Prospect, What is possible, Good chance, Potentiality, Expectation, Weakness, Off chance, Outside hope, Odds, Conceivability, Reasonable hope, Odds-on, Aptness, The attainable, Virtuality, Plausibility, Odds, Potential, Bare possibility, Even chance, Best bet, Liability, Presumption, Small hope, Odds-on chance, Liableness, The feasible, Possibleness, Probability, Sure thing, Chance, Feasibility, Outside chance, Prospects, Hopes, Likeliness, Conceivability, Probability, Probabilism, Hope, Good opportunity, Prospect, Possibility, Sure bet, Tendency, Fair expectation, What may be, Well-grounded hope, Proneness, Expectations

How to use Likelihood in a sentence?

  1. Young people who do not see job opportunities.

Meaning of Likelihood & Likelihood Definition