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I'm interested in websites that publish offers and promotions for different franchises. Can someone tell me where you would like to get this offer? Thank you very much.

Free items are usually conditional, for example, if the sample is not returned you will have to pay the shipping fee via credit card and then be charged, or any normal goods that are above normal Is shipping.

Numerous studies of free sites have shown that they generate a lot of ad traffic (can't say that the coupons are valid) I hit something while doing something ...

There is a free software app available for your PNE or online that lists the best deals from over 12,000 national and local retailers such as Target, Michaels, Sears, Del Taco, Rousseau, Kohls, Wal-Mart. Starbucks, Autosone, G5 and thousands more. In addition, you can raise money online at over 2,000 major retailers (Amazon, Target, Groupon, Medi, Loose, Twice RU, etc.). Not only do you get the best discounts and freedoms, but you also earn a small percentage every time you use and save the app. No surveys, no fees; just pocket free savings and money back

I personally love Groupon too ... but with the free top app, I get a 4% refund on all my group purchases.

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Facebook, Zanga and Bebo come to mind