Like-Kind Property

Like-Kind Property,

What is Like-Kind Property?

  1. Meaning of Like-Kind Property: The term "similar assets" refers to two properties of the same type, regardless of category or nature, which are tax-exempt. The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) defines property under section 1031 as property held for investment, commercial or business purposes and exchanges under 1031. This means that the two properties involved in the exchange are a business or require mandatory investment. Therefore, a private apartment is not considered a similar property.

    • Under Article 1031 of the Tax Code, exchanges can be made without any tax liability.
    • Property should be for commercial or investment purposes, but not necessarily uniform in quality or standard.
    • Central Residence 1031 is not eligible for exchange.
    • Property must be immovable, owned by the United States

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Like-Kind Property,

Like-Kind Property: What is the Meaning of Like-Kind Property?

  1. James Chen, CMT, is an experienced trader, investment advisor and global market strategist. He is the author of books on trade and technical business by John Wiley & Sons and has been a visiting researcher at CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Forbes and Reuters, among other financial companies.

    • Similar goods are similar goods which can be exchanged without tax liability under Article 1031 of the Tax Act.
    • Property should be for commercial or investment purposes, but not necessarily of the same quality or characteristics.
    • Central Residence 1031 is not eligible for the exchange.
    • Real estate must be owned by the United States for consideration.

Literal Meanings of Like-Kind Property


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