Like-kind Exchanges

Like-kind Exchanges.,

Like-kind Exchanges. Definition:

Tax-free property investment exchanges. Often used for real estate.

Literal Meanings of Like-kind Exchanges.


Meanings of Like:
  1. Their nature or quality is the same.

  2. Used to draw attention to an action or event.

  3. As an example.

  4. It is used in connection with something else.

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Sentences of Like
  1. They are like brothers

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  3. Take a closer look at works such as Animal Farm and 1984

  4. Promises can be associated

  5. I answered in the same way

  6. People who move countries

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  8. People who don't like reading books

  9. I would like a cup of coffee

  10. Different likes, dislikes, likes and income levels

Synonyms of Like

the same as, much the same, more or less the same, esteem, think well of, approximating, viz., for instance, of a kind, correspondent, related, admire, cognate, as, similar to, for example, akin, have regard for, have a soft spot for, identical to, analogous, comparable, hold in esteem, in particular, namely, respect, alike, have a fondness for, have a liking for, be attached to


Meanings of Kind:
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Sentences of Kind
  1. All genres of music

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Synonyms of Kind

good-natured, tender-hearted, mellow, warm, sort, category, mild, class, type, variety, caring, warm-hearted, feeling, genre, loving, tender, affectionate, kindly, good-hearted, form


Meanings of Exchanges:
  1. The act of giving one thing in return and receiving another (especially one).

  2. Exchange money for its equivalent in another country's currency.

  3. Short talk or conversation.

  4. Summary for switchboard

  5. A series of short tricks in which both players grab material of equal value, especially a trade in which a knight or a bishop puts a shell.

Sentences of Exchanges
  1. Negotiations led to land exchanges for peace

  2. They exchanged currency for me at competitive rates

  3. Heat is exchanged

  4. Motorola developed the first mobile phone system more than 20 years ago, as well as connecting traditional cell phones to the public telephone network.

  5. So it turns out that the whites must have accepted the change from bishop to knight!

Synonyms of Exchanges

conversation, switch, giving and taking, chat, meeting, change, bandying, talk, interchange, dialogue, trade, trafficking, word, trading, barter, traffic, conference, discussion, swap, reciprocity, trade-off

Like-kind Exchanges.,

Like-kind Exchanges. means,

  1. The definition of Like-kind Exchanges. is: Tax Free Property Investment Exchange. Often used for real estate.

Literal Meanings of Like-kind Exchanges.


Meanings of Like:
  1. Having the same or similar characteristics.

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Meanings of Kind:
  1. A group of people or things that have similar characteristics.

  2. Have or show a kind, generous and caring nature.

Sentences of Kind
  1. A bisexual community

Synonyms of Kind

mark, soft-hearted, thoughtful, compassionate, long-suffering, benignant, unselfish, gracious, bountiful, humane, gentle, tolerant, selfless, lenient, patient, amiable, cooperative, indulgent, attentive, decent, version, friendly, design, neighbourly, well meaning, obliging, clement, courteous, understanding, generous


Meanings of Exchanges:
  1. The process of giving one thing and receiving another (especially the same) in return.

  2. Short talk or discussion.

  3. A series of moves or short moves in which both players capture content of comparable value, especially a trade that is intercepted by a knight or bishop.

Sentences of Exchanges
  1. There must be a ground exchange for peace through dialogue.

Synonyms of Exchanges

truck, confab, reciprocate, colloquy, swapping, barney, slanging match, war of words, confabulation, altercation, row, debate, argument