Like-for-like sales

Like-for-like sales,

Definition of Like-for-like sales:

  1. Like-for-like sales are also referred to as comparable-store sales, comps, same-store sales, or identical-store sales.

  2. Like-for-like sales is an adjusted growth metric that includes revenues generated from stores or products with similar characteristics while omitting any with distinct differences that could skew the numbers.

  3. The method of comparing current year sales figures to prior years sales figures to determine what type of products moved quicker than others.

How to use Like-for-like sales in a sentence?

  1. Sales analysis may be used to isolate many factors that contribute to success or failure.
  2. Like-for-like sales numbers indicate the revenues of stores or products with similar characteristics, omitting outliers that could distort the results.
  3. Comparison of the numbers over time gives insight into the factors that are contributing to a company's growth or decline.

Meaning of Like-for-like sales & Like-for-like sales Definition