Lightning In Japanese

Lightning In Japanese

You say electricity in the donkey?

I think it would be anti-Kokrai as an anti-Baikori meaning.

But these two words do not exist technically because there is no e or ray.

I think it's for anime characters or characters.

So Kokurai would be a good name which means electricity.

The kanji is "Ã (explanation) (explanation)

Anesthesia for electricity

Electricity on the 19th

Lightning In Japanese

Lightning In Japanese

Blitz: Corey Kamari

(From Naruto) Her single Doral Jose gave her a third Cage.

This page can help you.

Come back:

Did we strike the donkey with lightning?

This is the name I use in my book for the character I want. Bicorai, which means electricity. So I know that ... what part of electricity makes electricity electricity?

Well, I know the word anise for Corey. I don't know if it's translated literally, but I think it's cruel.

Lightning In Japanese