LIGHT Meanings:

  1. A glass window or sheet is called a glazer.

Meanings of LIGHT

  1. A natural way to stimulate the eyes and make things visible.

  2. An expression in a person's eyes that indicates a particular emotion or mood.

  3. Understand mysterious problems or lighting.

  4. Areas of a place that are lighter or lighter than the surroundings.

  5. A device that burns something, for example. B. Match, match or flame

  6. Light is allowed to enter the walls through windows or holes.

  7. An unusual or unusual person in a particular area of ​​activity or place.

  8. Provide lighting or turn on the lighting.

  9. Let's start burning (something).

  10. Having enough or enough natural light is not dark.

  11. (Yellow color)

  12. Easy is not difficult.

  13. Neither built nor heavily constructed.

  14. Relatively low density, quantity or intensity.

  15. (Food or beverages) in small quantities and easy to digest.

  16. Soft or sharp

Sentences of LIGHT

  1. Sunlight

  2. The light of wisdom entered your eyes

  3. He saw the sun rise on the woman's face

  4. The sun shines in the natural light of your hair

  5. He asked me for light

  6. The room has a wide bay with tin lamps

  7. Mild liberalism like the historian Golden Smith

  8. The room was lit by a small light

  9. Allen took a stick and lit a fire

  10. The rooms are spacious and bright

Synonyms of LIGHT

thin, ignite, authority, glow, easy to lift, skimpy, dazzle, shining, pastel-coloured, source of fire, full of light, set burning, viewpoint, luminescence, come up with, entertaining, undimmed, small, gentle, diverting, interpretation, soft, leader, aspect, modest, flame, dainty, illumination, gleaming, start

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Sunlight lamp


LIGHT: What is the Meaning of LIGHT?

  • LIGHT refers to The term glacier window or glass sheet.

Meanings of LIGHT

  1. Natural active ingredients that stimulate vision and make things visible.

  2. An expression in someone's eyes that indicates a particular emotion or mood.

  3. To understand lighting problems or puzzles.

  4. The area of ​​something that is lighter or yellower than its surroundings.

  5. A device to create a fire or spark.

  6. To let light into windows or openings.

  7. People who specialize in certain areas of activity.

  8. Fill in the blanks (in crosswords).

  9. Contribute to light or brightness.

  10. Start recording (some) burn.

Sentences of LIGHT

  1. A clever light came into his eyes.

  2. He saw a light on the woman's face.

  3. The sun will brighten the natural light in your hair.

  4. The bedroom has a large window with central lighting.

  5. Volunteers are community lamps.

  6. The room was lit by a series of small lamps.

Synonyms of LIGHT

guru, sheer, whitish, leading light, point of view, elucidation, lambency, blunder on, guiding light, light of day, sunlight, lamplight, enlightenment, digestible, brightness, daylight, chance on, luminosity, lustre, guise, standpoint, knowledge, frivolous, weak, unserious, weightless, vantage point, incandescence


How Do You Define LIGHT?

  • LIGHT can be defined as, The term for a glazed window or glass sheet.

Meanings of LIGHT

  1. An area of ​​something that is lighter or lighter than its surroundings.

  2. Windows or holes for light.

  3. Great personality in a given field of activity.

  4. Do (some) start recording the coil.

  5. Keep a significant or sufficient amount of deep natural light.

  6. Light not heavy.

  7. Not made or made strong or heavy.

  8. (From food or meal) in small, easily digestible quantities.

  9. Soft or fluffy.

  10. (Entertainment) which requires very little mental effort, neither deep nor serious.

  11. There are many opportunities to meet (a woman) or have sex.

  12. Fallen or accidentally found.

Sentences of LIGHT

  1. A bright light fell in his eyes

  2. He saw a light appear on the woman's face.

  3. Volunteers are the beacon of the community.

  4. The room is spacious and bright.

  5. Light blue eyes

  6. They are very light and portable

  7. Light and heavy clothes

  8. Light passenger traffic

  9. Light dinner

  10. He kissed her lightly on the cheek.

  11. Pop is considered light entertainment.

  12. Add possible solutions.

Synonyms of LIGHT

think of, diaphanous, celeb, find, floaty, light-toned, amusing, faint, bigwig, daylight hours, weighing very little, easily digested, not heavy, lightweight, trivial, touch off, slant, bleached, well lighted, moonlight, airy, graceful, ray of light, insight, insubstantial, complexion, light-coloured, hue, trifling