Lifetime Policy

Lifetime Policy,

How Do You Define Lifetime Policy?

A simple definition of Lifetime Policy is: Uninsured or renewable disability or life insurance, usually for the life of the policyholder.

We have 2 types of life insurance with different levels of coverage. Our Super, Superior, Superior Plus and Prestige policies. Or diseases) are covered.

Pay veterinary fees well for any medical condition to the extent of your chosen coverage. Once a particular condition has reached a selected limit, it cannot be covered until the policy is renewed and the limit is re-available for each condition. This means that some chronic conditions, such as arthritis, can be covered year after year and will not affect your pet's remaining coverage for other diseases this year. There is no age limit.

Each condition is subject to an annual condition cap. This limit will be updated when you have a policy with us when you renew from one year to the next.

Our Insurance and Assurance Plus insurance policies have annual coverage and pay veterinary fees up to the selected annual coverage amount in one year of insurance. This means that you have an annual limit and any claims submitted will be deducted from that amount.

There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit and you can submit applications until the annual limit is reached. Once you reach the annual limit for this insurance year, you can't file any more claims until you renew your policy and the money is available again. This means that some chronic diseases, such as epilepsy, can be treated in many years.

Coverage must be renewed to cover your pet for additional treatment of illness and injury during the next insurance period (usually one year). This means that a long-term or recurrent illness or injury that must be treated within a year will be covered under this policy next year. Insurance coverage is not limited while the insurance contract is still valid.

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