Lifetime Mortgage

Lifetime Mortgage,

Definition of Lifetime Mortgage:

The definition of Lifetime Mortgage is: These are loans that are guaranteed by the value of your property and can be converted into cash or fixed income without moving. You can do this using the return graph. Such a package is sometimes called sharing.

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Meanings of Lifetime:
  1. The length of a person's life.

Sentences of Lifetime
  1. Victory is the reward of life

Synonyms of Lifetime

life, one's threescore years and ten, existence, lifespan, one's time, days, allotted span, time on earth, this mortal coil, course of life, duration of life, one's career


Meanings of Mortgage:
  1. A legal arrangement under which a bank or other lender lends at interest in exchange for the lender's asset allocation, provided the transfer of ownership occurs at the time of loan repayment.

  2. Assign (assets) to creditors as collateral for the loan.

Sentences of Mortgage
  1. I deposited one lakh cash and took the remaining installments

Synonyms of Mortgage

credit, put up as collateral, guarantee, mortgage, advance, pawn