Lifetime Allowance

Lifetime Allowance,

What Does Lifetime Allowance Mean?

Lifetime Allowance refers to

Getting tax benefits can save you a lifetime. If you exceed this allowance, your retirement benefit may be subject to additional taxes. These assignments can be reviewed and changed by the government. Currently 0 1,055 million.

There is no limit to the increase in your pension fund, but you will receive a lifetime allowance for the maximum tax deduction throughout your life. If you think you may be affected by these restrictions, visit the HHRRC website at

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Meanings of Lifetime:
  1. The length of a person's life.

Sentences of Lifetime
  1. Victory is the reward of life

Synonyms of Lifetime

days, duration of life, one's time, existence, one's career, one's threescore years and ten, allotted span, lifespan, life, time on earth, course of life, this mortal coil


Meanings of Allowance:
  1. The amount of something that is allowed, specifically according to a set of rules or for a specific purpose.

  2. Give (someone) some money to help.

Sentences of Allowance
  1. Eighty-five pounds checked luggage allowance

  2. He spoke of receiving travel allowances, which depended on the designated social worker, and he was not allowed to leave the residence for more than three days.