Lien Holder

Lien Holder,

What is The Definition of Lien Holder?

A person or organization whose property is legally owned or has a suicide attack, usually the person or organization that provided the owner with money or services. The underwriter generally has the right to make predictions about the property in question if the payment is unsatisfactory and may impose certain restrictions on the borrower, such as: B car insurance requirements.

A person or organization that has a financial interest in the property up to a debt or the amount owed.

Lien Holder refers to

Literal Meanings of Lien Holder


Meanings of Lien:
  1. The right to keep someone else's property until that person's debt is paid off

Sentences of Lien
  1. Everyone who sells is entitled to a mortgage


Meanings of Holder:
  1. A tool or device to hold something.

  2. Someone who has something.

  3. Small operator

Sentences of Holder
  1. Cables can be easily pulled into the holder

  2. Owner of two American hostages

  3. Candidates for two key plots were quickly identified on Monday by current owner Willie and farmer David Charnley.

Synonyms of Holder

keeper, bearer, case, housing, sheath, casing, cover, covering, owner, container, proprietor, receptacle, possessor