License Duties (or Fee)

License Duties (or Fee),

License Duties (or Fee):

Annual fee for eligibility to participate in certain negotiations.

Literal Meanings of License Duties (or Fee)


Meanings of License:
  1. Permission to obtain or use something, to do something special or to do business (especially for alcoholic beverages) by a government agency)

  2. License (or someone) to allow someone to use or allow an activity.

Sentences of License
  1. Weapons license

  2. The broker must be licensed to sell health insurance


Meanings of Duties:
  1. There is a moral or legal obligation.

  2. A task or task that must be performed while working.

  3. Payments made on import, export, manufacture or sale of goods.

  4. A measure of engine performance in units of work per unit.

Sentences of Duties
  1. I have a duty to respect the law

  2. The official duty of queens

  3. 6% duty on imports

Synonyms of Duties

responsibility, obligation, commitment, obedience, allegiance, loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, respect, deference, reverence, homage, job, task, chore, assignment, commission, mission, function, charge, part, place, role, concern, requirement, duty


Meanings of Or:
  1. Used to add alternatives.

  2. Offering synonyms or explaining previous words or phrases.

  3. If not (represents the consequences of not doing or not doing anything)

  4. Usually in the form of a question, provide a reflection.

  5. This

  6. A Boolean operator that has at least one operand (or input) and otherwise zero.

  7. Heraldic texture as golden or yellow.

  8. Operational research.

  9. Oregon (in postal use)

  10. Another patent (designated officer)

Sentences of Or
  1. A cup of tea or coffee

  2. Spy novel or, as the trade is known, suspension

  3. Hurry up or you will lose everything

  4. John's indifference, right? - He got confused

  5. The only way to know God or human beings is through love

Synonyms of Or

or else, or, if not


Meanings of Fee:
  1. Properties A property placed under feudal services.

Sentences of Fee
  1. They had to pay a legal fee of 3,000

Synonyms of Fee

payment, emolument, wage, salary, allowance, stipend, handout, pay, reward, reimburse, recompense, give payment to