Liberty Cap Isaac

Liberty Cap Isaac

What is the pink eye doing in Isaac's bond?

When used, adds a 10% chance to fire Poison Year and Damage over time. The chances of activation depend on the Lucky status and go up to 100% with Lucky 18.

What is the cursed skull doing in Isaac's slavery about it?

Offers a full container and the ability to restore half health by playing every minute. Automatically eliminate the first damage in each room. it does not count as damage.

What else does the Liberty Cap do with Isaac's binding?

Commonly found in nature, Psilocybe semilanceata, known as Liberty Cap, is a very potent psychedelic mushroom that contains psilocybin. Liberty Caps' ability to create the compass effect was a flaw in Isaac's original binding that was postponed due to fan popularity.

What does the button do in relation to Isaac?

Cause. Has a 10% chance to fire a piercing ghostly tear. The ability to fire ghostly piercings and tears depends on your luck and always activates with a probability of +18.

What does an ace of spades do to equalize Isaac?

Increases the chance of tarot or suit cards falling out after clearing a room and the chance of finding cards when opening a chest.

What does the rusty key do when Isaac is tied up?

Mark: rusty key. Improve your chances of finding gold keys and chests.

What are the petrified ■■■■■ doing?

Petrified cake. Petrified Stool is a decorative item added to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that can be obtained at random by destroying the ■■■■■. It's a gray stick. In custody, Isaac is much more likely to find drops when he poops.

What is the child's heart doing in Isaac's slavery?

Mal: ​​the heart of a child. Increases the likelihood of a heart falling after cleaning a room and the likelihood of finding a heart when opening a chest.

What does the left hand do in relation to Isaac's slavery?

The effect includes coffins that have already been spawned. If you enter a room where other types of coffins previously stood while holding your left hand, they will always turn into red coffins.

What does mother of pearl do?

1 answer. The Moms Pearl ornament offers a 10% chance that a heart drop will become a heart of the soul instead. This builds up under the effect of fermentation. In Isaac's original bond, you could get an infinite number of soul hearts, even if they weren't shown in the health bar.

What is a pin?

How does a button work? A thumbtack is used to push the panel pins firmly but gently into the plywood or hardboard.

The panel pins are so thin that they can be damaged with a normal hammer, hardware or the user's other hand!

What did cancer do to Isaac's slavery?

Effect. Since this directly affects the retardation of the rip, rather than changing the state of the rip, Isaac's rate of fire can exceed its normal maximum rate. A decrease in tear retardation is noticeable only in the case of large cracks.

What is the crystal ball doing in Isaac's Union?

Effect. In use, shows the floor plan and all special rooms except the super secret room. drop a soul heart or tarot card / rune (50% chance to get one)

Liberty Cap Isaac