Liberal Arts Degree Useless

Liberal Arts Degree Useless

Is title art really unnecessary?


It is precisely because of your story that I turned my English course into computer science. Most people with an English degree (or any other artistic degree) do not really know what they want out of life (which I have heard and find true) and manage to finish jobs that There is no increase in it. . Do it with your man I know you've probably heard it a million times, but it wouldn't be surprising to find a new history student working at McDonald's.

If you plan to study law or college, they can help. But if not, forget it.

Typically, a Bachelor of Arts is a stepping stone to a master's or doctoral degree.

In some cases, an artistic degree is enough, but not in every case. Especially if you only do academic work and don't have a clear idea of ​​where you want to build your career.

I always recommend people to take a double degree in arts in another area with a better aspect of their work (Psychology or Civil Engineering with Statistics) and plan to go to school later. I have a friend who is a geographer and after I mentioned this I decided to add Environmental Energy and he saw what was happening in the job market. He is very kind and his work has taken him to beautiful places across the state. Another friend wanted to study anthropology, but did not get a master's degree, so she added a degree in statistics and is now thinking of a master's degree in statistics. The domain is amazing and I'm very jealous.

So it may work, but you have to make sure you learn SS as employers get paid and you have a lot of internship experience.

You must go to college to get an education, not a vocational education. People with a background in the arts can become teachers. I guess people mean something like this: CPA makes more money than people with an arts degree. These are true statements, which does not mean they should not be. Well, whatever you choose.

I have a BA in Sociology and Political Science, now I am preparing for a Master in Social Work. I was offered a place on my internship, but I prefer to complete my MSW.

My sister-in-law is a communications major and works in casinos. He is 24 years old and receives a bonus of over 60,000 a year. This is especially true for big players. Casinos will provide you with cell phones and laptops so that these high rollers have everything you need. He is an excellent speaker and communicator. He got the job four months ago, so his degree gave him a job as a supervisor on a state-of-the-art phone. He is 19 years old and complains all year round.

My friend has a bachelor's degree in literature. He works at UNIV. Your job is to write for the university that won the scholarship. He is a great writer and has many college accounts.

The man I studied with had a degree in political science and worked as a state administrator. To do your job, you need to have a degree in public administration, computer science or political science.

The problem for many students is that they do not work during their telescopes. You can only do one internship and then expect a salary of 80,000 per year.

Oh, and my whole family is nineteen except for both of us (my uncle and of course:]). My uncle had a master's degree in political science and worked as a supervisor in a large steel mill in one of his factories. My other uncle was in love with this important steel mill and earned very little from his brother.

If someone can't find a job, they're more likely to get an interview.

The arts include math and science, so not all of them are unnecessary, including some more paid courses (economics, physics, computer science). But a specialty like arts skills where you don't actually choose a field of specialization and just randomly select keywords doesn't make sense because anyone who has chosen a field of specialization In fact, at least he is more educated than you. One field, however, does not necessarily mean that they have good interviews or people, and perhaps their sisters do the same.

Liberal Arts Degree Useless

Liberal Arts Degree Useless

Looks like he answered your question or not. I think that in order to get a bachelor's degree, you have to have a master's degree or a law degree. I did it and I did it right.

It depends on the person.

I have a Bachelor of Arts and even in this field of Economics, despite being a graduate, I have a lot of interviews / vacancies for positions in my area. But I have a lot of internship experience, experience abroad and excellent CV and SS interviews.

My former student is an interviewer, has little experience and no internship experience.

As a result, I am still working and have not found a job even after one year of graduation. He is lonely and very lonely hahaha

Liberal Arts Degree Useless