Definition of Liable:

  1. Subject to legal action, or obligated by law to make compensation, restitution, or satisfaction.

  2. Likely to do or to be something.

  3. Responsible by law; legally answerable.

Synonyms of Liable

Accountable, Actionable, Amenable, Answerable, Answerable for, Apt, Assailable, Attackable, Beatable, Blameworthy, Bound, Chargeable, Conquerable, Disposed, Exposed, Fair, Foreseeable, Given, Hopeful, In the cards, Inclined, Likely, ■■■■■, Nonimmune, Obligated, Obnoxious, Odds-on, Open, Penetrable, Pledged, Predictable, Predictable within limits, Presumable, Presumptive, Probable, Promising, Prone, Responsible, Responsible for, Sensitive, Statistically probable, Subject, Susceptible, Tied, To blame, Verisimilar, Vincible, Vulnerable, Responsible, Legally responsible, Accountable, Answerable, Chargeable, Blameworthy, At fault, Culpable, Subject, Guilty, Faulty, Censurable, Likely, Inclined, Tending, Disposed, Apt, Predisposed, Prone, Given

How to use Liable in a sentence?

  1. The supplier of goods or services can become liable for breach of contract in a variety of ways.
  2. Patients were liable to faint if they stood up too suddenly.

Meaning of Liable & Liable Definition

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What is The Definition of LIABLE?

LIABLE can be defined as, Adjective In short, you will be responsible for damages, fees or charges required by law or agreement or contract.

LIABLE definition is: Be legally responsible.

Meanings of LIABLE

  1. Be legally responsible.

  2. Maybe or something.

Sentences of LIABLE

  1. Suppliers of goods or services can be held responsible for breach of contract in a number of ways.

  2. The patient suddenly gets up


What Does LIABLE Mean?

  1. Definition of LIABLE: Adjectives Briefly, be responsible for any fines, expenses or expenses, regardless of whether it requires a law, contract or agreement.

Meanings of LIABLE

  1. Legally responsible Legally responsible.

  2. Possibility to do something.

Sentences of LIABLE

  1. The credit card company is responsible for any breach of contract.

  2. If patients get up too suddenly, there is a risk of going to them.

Synonyms of LIABLE

on the cards


What is LIABLE?

  • Adjective In short, be responsible for any fines, costs or expenses incurred, whether by law, contract or agreement.

Meanings of LIABLE

  1. It is possible to do or be something.

Sentences of LIABLE

  1. If patients get up suddenly, they risk death.