Liability Examiner

Liability Examiner,

Liability Examiner Meanings:

  1. Liability Examiner refers to The auditor is responsible for investigating the accident. The auditor's responsibilities may include payment for the collision, property damage and adjustment for personal injury claims. In some states, this tester may also process the medical part of your claim.

Literal Meanings of Liability Examiner


Meanings of Liability:
  1. The person or object whose presence or conduct causes embarrassment or harm.

Synonyms of Liability

accountability, responsibility, legal responsibility, answerability, hindrance, encumbrance, burden, handicap, nuisance, inconvenience


Meanings of Examiner:
  1. Someone whose job it is for an inspector to inspect things.

  2. A person who conducts and tests tests to assess a person's knowledge or abilities.

Sentences of Examiner
  1. A police car inspector

  2. You need to justify your point of view - don't assume that the reviewer will share your point of view.

Synonyms of Examiner

tester, questioner, interviewer, assessor, marker, inspector