Liability Adjuster

Liability Adjuster,

Liability Adjuster Definition:

Meaning of Liability Adjuster: Responsibility experts are responsible for investigating the accident. The responsibilities of these specialists may include payment for the collision, compensation for property damage, and personal injury settlement. In some states, this tester may also process the medical part of your claim.

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Meanings of Liability:
  1. The state of being responsible for something, especially in accordance with the law.

  2. A person or thing whose presence or behavior embarrasses or harms someone.

Sentences of Liability
  1. Lume l of partners. There are innumerable responsibilities that they understand

  2. Became a political loss

Synonyms of Liability

accountability, burden, inconvenience, responsibility, nuisance, legal responsibility, hindrance, encumbrance, handicap, answerability


Sentences of Adjuster
  1. The front seats offer height adjustments as well as labor support and arrests from both sides.

  2. Did you send an insurance specialist to check your car?

  3. The air suspension and height adjustment don't work well, which means that when the car is full, the rear suspension becomes so deep that the floor scratches the rear one.

  4. My husband has been working as a claimant administrator for my employer since 2001.