Liabilities Meanings:

  1. Liabilities can be defined as, Debt, legal liability or liability to someone.

  2. Liabilities means, One person or company has money for another person.

  3. Meaning of Liabilities: The portion of the insurance company's balance sheet that outlines the company's legal obligations, including the expected payment of damages under the policy issued.


How Do You Define Liabilities?

  1. Meaning of Liabilities: A debt to someone, a liability or a legal debt.

  2. Money that belongs to one person or another.

  3. Liabilities means, The portion of the insurer's balance sheet that reflects the company's legal obligations, including the annual payment of issued policy losses.

Meanings of Liabilities

  1. The state of being legally responsible for something.

Sentences of Liabilities

  1. As soon as you contact the card protection system, you will no longer be liable for damages.

Synonyms of Liabilities

fault, incrimination, accountability, the rap, blameworthiness, legal responsibility, onus, responsibility, blame, guilt, culpability, answerability